Taitō Shirei (岱燈獅麗) is the main protagonist of the Hero Tales series.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

He has the Hokushin-Tenkun mark of Alkaid, Hagun, on his right shoulder.

Personality Edit

Taitō has a very strong personality. He is competitive to the point of being reckless. He also has a strong sense of justice, as seen in him opposing the officials in order to protect the people and his companions. He also has a habit of repeating himself when flustered or angry.

History Edit

Taitō is part of the law enforcing organization, Seiryutou, which is based at Lotus Temple at Taishan. The group take care of events from rebel raids to violence inflicted by officials. The group overestimated their strength and took on Keirou and in the end lost most of their people. Taitō, seeking revenge for his comrades, left on a journey to train up. In the manga, the Kenkaranpu was to be given to Taitō on his coming of age ceremony by Sonnei but it was seized by Shimei, turning the journey to that of the recovery of the sword. In the anime, the sword was taken by Keirō after a fight between Taitō and the general during the former's invasion of the temple. Taitō meets the emperor later on in the anime and it is revealed that Taitō is the older brother of the emperor and that they were separated because Taitō bore the 'Hagun' mark.